As our world changes, the challenges to business grow. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by open minds and creativity. Design is playing a central role in helping solve problems and drive the future. We invite you to see how design is shaping the new business.

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Thoughts after the Singapore screening

Saw the movie last week during the Singapore Design Film Fest. People say Industrial or product designers are half artist half engineer, but after I watched the film I realize that we are more like 1/3 artist since we beautify objects and making things look more interesting, 1/3 engineer because we make things work, innovate and solve problems, and the other important part is we are 1/3 business man because we also have to think how to put our products into the market and sell it, how do we see things from business point of view to better understand the constraints our clients have especially those issues related with finance and budgeting instead of just whining about the clients who don’t understand us.
Good stuff guys! cheers!

– Rizki Tarisa




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