As our world changes, the challenges to business grow. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by open minds and creativity. Design is playing a central role in helping solve problems and drive the future. We invite you to see how design is shaping the new business.

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Our Next Step…The Workshop

Finally the time has arrived. As many of you are aware, we have been considering ways of taking the project to the next level. We were looking for ways to make the movie an even better learning experience for understanding the design-business relationship as it relates to the context of the audience. Inspired by the […]

Design the New Business workshops

Design the New Business workshops

Through all the screenings we’ve organized, we’ve discovered that it’s not the movie but the discussions afterwards that really make a difference. Watching the movie together is a great way to trigger good discourse, especially when these discussions are facilitated in the right way. Therefore we’ve developed a workshop format that allows viewers to watch […]