As our world changes, the challenges to business grow. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by open minds and creativity. Design is playing a central role in helping solve problems and drive the future. We invite you to see how design is shaping the new business.

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Featuring: Claro Partners

Claro Partners is a melting pot of cultures and disciplines, unwilling to frame themselves as designers, researchers or management consultants. In line with their diverse backgrounds and approaches, there is no arranged working space in the office. The open environment and the big windows receiving all of Barcelona’s sun gave us the feel of a family visit rather than a work appointment. We met with Aldo de Jong and Rich Radka, two of the founding partners.

During the interview, it was clear to see how Claro works with this diversity, and this passion of bringing together different worlds is also embodied in their strategy model. Claro also plays with the notion of the client-agency relationship, taking the initiative and reaching out to possible clients with innovative ideas that they believe can make a difference.

More about Claro Partners:

Claro Partners provides strategic innovation consulting. By balancing contextual inquiry, inspired creativity and business strategy, we translate deep insights into meaningful and relevant solutions that serve people’s needs and drive real business growth.
We transform the understanding of people, markets and technology into value for society and business; our aim is to be the trusted advisor who can make sense of a constantly-changing environment.
Our multicultural team has a wide variety of training and experience that enables us to combine two traditionally-opposed schools of thinking: business and design. We creates value at four levels: society, market, experience and organisation and have worked with clients from a range of industries, including telecoms, transport, financial services, technology and media.
We use various research methods (ethnographic, desk research, benchmarking, talking to experts and company stakeholders) to gain a deep understanding of people’s needs and behaviours, and employ innovative methodologies to develop creative solutions – like early prototyping, co-creation and immersive workshops.
Claro is based in Europe, with offices in Barcelona and Paris, but we have a global outlook.



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