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Food for your mind: The Happy Film

We recently found out through this article at Co.Design that the acclaimed graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister is now co-directing a documentary about happiness. The movie will be called “The Happy Film” and it will be mostly featuring Sagmeister as he goes under a series of experiments to test if it’s possible for a person to achieve a meaningful impact on their own happiness.

Every seven years Sagmeister takes a sabbatical (you can find more information about that in this TED talk). The inspiration for this project came precisely from the latest one he took in Indonesia.

One of the most interesting things about this film to us is to see the reactions of a designer such as Sagmeister to the movie making process. As he stated to John Pavlus from Co.Design:

“It would have been easier to do a book. But I don’t know anything about documentaries, so it’s more of a challenge to do a film. That was the reason to do it. It turned out to be more of a challenge than i’d thought: I’d figured that I knew about half of what I was doing, and figuring out the other half would be pleasurable. In having actually started it, it’s more like I know 10 percent. I found it unbelievably surprising how little my design background applies to documentary filmmaking…”

And we definitely feel him.

Check out a small teaser of this upcoming movie here:




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